About Us.

Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers.
Best friends.
Based in Cardiff, Wales.


Having had such a great experience with our own wedding photographer and understanding what it was like to be on the other side of the lens, we decided in early 2015 to use our combined creative skills (gained through a mixture of degrees and passion) to start Studio Forty Four. Our main goal from day one has been to provide candid, unobtrusive photography that tells a story and breaks with tradition, without breaking the bank.

A lot of people ask where the ‘Studio Forty Four’ name came from. Quite simply, we lived at number 44 when we started the business…

Yep, we’d love to tell you some elaborate story with lots of meaning behind the name, but it’s really that unimaginative!

Josh likes:


Playing guitar

Collecting vintage cameras (currently over 50 in the house and it’s becoming a bit of a concern…)

Enthusing about vinyl records

Trying his best to deny that he likes hipster things

Amy likes:



Watching dog videos

Traveling to new places

Anything with David Attenborough in it

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